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Plugins is just like an event handlers. When you need some additional hooks - you can create plugins.

Plugins can be as part of module and as external package.

Let’s look on example:


class DispatchErrorHandler
     * Before exception is happening.
     * @param Event            $event      Event object.
     * @param Dispatcher       $dispatcher Dispatcher object.
     * @param PhalconException $exception  Exception object.
     * @throws \Phalcon\Exception
     * @return bool
    public function beforeException($event, $dispatcher, $exception)
        // Handle exceptions.
        // Some other code...
        return true;

This example from core (EnginePluginDispatchErrorHandler) and attached to system as:


$eventsManager->attach("dispatch:beforeException", new DispatchErrorHandler());

That means, that you can attach your plugins manually.

Events Editor

If you want to automate you plugin (and make it editable), you can use Package Manager. It has events editor.


Events manager allowed for modules and plugins package types. In left field you enter event name, in right field - class with namespace that must handle this event. You can use both formats of event naming (dispatch or dispatch:eventName). Read more about events system at Phalcon documentation.