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Performance settings

Performance form allows to setup some improvements in speed.


Fields description:

Cache prefix - cache prefix in system, required if you use shared caching system with other websites.

Cache lifetime - cache TTL (time to live), maximum lifetime of cached data.

Cache adapter - you can select adapter for the cache: file, memcached, apc, mongo. Default is file and others require additional PHP extensions.

Clear cache - select to clear current cache.

If “File” adapter is selected:

Files location - path to a folder where cached data will be stored.

If “Memcached” is selected:

Memcached host - host address of the server.

Memcached port - server port.

Create a persistent connection to memcached - will create per-request persistent connection.

If “APC” adapter has no additional settings.

If “Mongo” adapter is selected:

A MongoDB connection string - mongo connection string (read about mongo).

Mongo database name - database name.

Mongo collection in the database - mongo collection.